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As a folk artist, Eric Moore's music strikes a chord with listeners who appreciate honest and heartfelt storytelling. His lyrics are evocative, touching on themes of love, loss, and life's journeys, with a touch of wistfulness that is both haunting and captivating.


Moore's guitar playing is understated yet precise, never overshadowing his lyrics but always providing a rich and textured accompaniment to his songs. His voice is warm and inviting, with a gravelly edge that lends authenticity to his music.


What sets Eric Moore apart is his ability to connect with his audience. Whether playing in an intimate coffeehouse or a packed concert hall, he has a way of making each listener feel like he's playing just for them. His music is personal and relatable, and it's clear that he genuinely cares about sharing his stories with others.

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Frequently touring Michigan and the Midwest region. 

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