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Songwriter. Artisan Baker. Community Builder.


Eric Moore is a midwestern kinda guy. A product of the Pittsburgh region, he flew the coop after college and was held hostage by the West Coast lifestyle for 4 or 5 years before he broke that gravitational pull. So as to fall victim to the charms of Jackson Hole, WY. He wintered out in a yurt, got serious about the guitar, and guided rafting trips on the Snake River. If Paul Simon and Joni Mitchell wrote a song with Leo Kottke’s guitar, and then told Van Morrison to sing it, that would sound a lot like Eric Moore. Ypsi has been his home since 2002, and he’s been on most of the quality stages in the area: the Ark, Hollerfest, Ann Arbor Summerfest’s Top of the Park When he’s not obsessing about his music, he can be found in the kitchen, on his bike, or on the cross country ski trail... with his dogs.



Set to release in 2023, Restless Reckids is excited to announce Eric Moore's latest EP. 

Please stay tuned for updates and reviews!

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